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The current approach is to first define the surface area of the building, the type of access security, the type of cooling unit, the type of rack systems to receive the servers. The second step is to choose the servers and their configuration.

DENERGIUM proposes to bring an innovative look by putting in parallel a global approach. For example, by integrating the type of software applications that will run on the servers, and the weather data that influences the performance of the cooling unit. We can then model the whole site and propose improvements.

The time has come to renew all or part of the servers of your infrastructure. If you use DENERGIUM tools, the choice will be easier because you will be able to control the energy profile of the infrastructure. Don't panic, it is still possible to use DENERGIUM's know-how to help you make your decisions. Based on your knowledge of the uses of your infrastructure, we will be able to guide you in making choices that will have an impact in the years to come. And why not think about renewing the cooling unit. Once again, DENERGIUM will be able to evaluate the improvement in energy efficiency.

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