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Thu 22 February 2024

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Work done using EnergyScopium Record

Most people think that when time-to-solution is optimum, energy-to-solution is also.

The following example shows that these two criteria are not fully correlated, and optimizing the energy criteria can still be achieved.

Thanks to the EnergyScope optimize module which is so easy to use and reports high value energy data.

Andreas Enge is a member of the Inria LFANT team. He is developing a ECPP (Elliptic Curve Primality Proving) code. An user reports that the code even if well optimized was spending a lot of time waiting for data (MPI busy wait) and suggested to insert some

do {usleep (100); MPI_Iprobe (...); } while (!flag);

Same application result
Almost same duration (+2%)
Before : energy 485795 JoulesAfter : energy 376639 Joules (-22%)

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